Cold brew is really good don’t fight me on this

Apparently the story goes that coffee can trace its heritage back to the ancient forests on the Ethiopian plateau, there legend says that the goat herder Kaldi first discovered the potential of the magic beans. He said that he discovered coffee after he noticed that after eating the berries from a certain tree, his goats became so energetic that they did not want to sleep at night. haha can relate.

Coffee was brought to Europe by the 17th Century but people were calling it the, “bitter invention of Satan” and it was even condemned by local clergy. The Pope at the time (our boy Clement VIII) had to intervene and be like guys chill it’s super tasty it gets my papal approval.

How we got to cold brew

Kyoto-style coffee is the earliest recorded cold-brew coffee dating back to the 1600s. Dutch traders used to make cold-brew coffee concentrate to take with them on their journeys and they’d add hot water to make a tasty cup of coffee. When the traders reached Japan, which already had a tradition of brewing cold tea, a new method of producing cold coffee came about. Kyoto-style over the years has become more elegant and artistic, they used to submerge coffee grounds for hours but then it was starting to be brewed drop by drop.

In today’s world you can find these Kyoto-style drip towers in a lot of speciality coffee shops, ranging from the Yama Glass to the Bruer Cold Drip System.

Cold drip at home

On the PUCKPUCK website it says that the PUCKPUCK is, “an attachment that turns any AeroPress® Coffee Maker into a cold brew drip system”. The drip valve that you twist to get the optimal drip means that the set up is pretty easy and it’s made even easier by their own app which acts as a drip counter. The PUCKPUCK was released by UK design company Two at Six in 2017 through a Kickstarter campaign which then ended up meeting its goal of £8,000 three times over (!!!!).

I love cold brew as you can probably tell and the only way I could make it before the PUCKPUCK came into my life was steeping coffee grinds in a French Press, which didn’t give a very clean cup. The PUCKPUCK is so small and it all comes in a neat little box with everything you need to know including a recipe to follow.  

It’s super simple to use all you have to do is assemble your AeroPress as normal with the paper filter and coffee in the chamber, then attach the PUCKPUCK on top. You can then fill the little tub that they give you with water or ice or use a water bottle and bing bang bosh you’re done.

After having the PUCKPUCK for a few years now it definitely gets regular use in my household, especially when the sun starts to shine a bit more. I’m looking forward to trying different ratios of coffee to water to tweak my own special recipe and I’ve enjoyed improving my slow-drip game so far!

Overall, I definitely recommend every home barista to have a PUCKPUCK, at only £30 it’s a piece of equipment that’ll last a long time (hopefully) and cold brew will always be in style. Even if you don’t like cold brew there’s probably someone in your life who does and you can now magically make them their favourite drink. What if it’s that person you fancy that loves cold brew this could be your chance to make them fall in love with you.

Hello and Welcome

Thank you very much for coming to visit Beth Brews ✨ The Blog ✨ . We over here at Beth Brews (by we I mean me) are excited to have you here for my first post which is more of a welcome, hi, hello I am Beth, who are you, type thing.

I’ve spent some of the years of my life working as a barista learning about the coffee industry first hand, but the creation of my first baby – my Instagram page – was the first step in creating a name for myself in the world of coffee as well as branching out to learn more about coffee in my free time.

So here’s some more very exciting information about myself:
– I have a degree in Geography and International Relations
– My favourite colour is green
– I prefer fruity/floral coffees over dark chocolatey ones
– Aeropress is the best way to brew coffee (don’t fight me on this)

Belfast and Ireland will alway be home for me, but I moved away when I was 18 to go to university in Aberdeen, Scotland and thanks to a friend there, it was where my interest in speciality coffee started. I always have wanted to go back to Scotland and live there again and maybe after the Covid-19 pandemic has eased that will be a possibility.

Currently I am on furlough from my usual place of work but during the lockdown I have started a Management and Leadership course at South Eastern Regional College. With this course I’ve had to undertake a placement and my placement has been with Watsons and Co Chartered Marketers and I’ve still got 3 weeks left of my course and placement and so far it’s been such a good way to spend my time whilst in lockdown and furloughed.

So this is the start of my blog, I would like to be posting things like reviews, guides and brew methods but honestly who knows, it’ll be a surprise for you!